Archebwch waith celfyddydol awyr agored unigryw ar gyfer eich gorymdaith, gŵyl, agoriad, neu barti. Gweler isod i weld y gwaith Articulture sydd ar gael.

Archebwch waith yn uniongyrchol drwy fanylion cyswllt yr artistiaid ar bob tudalen.

Two people are in the street dressed in the same colourful clothes of green, pink and grey tones. They have inflatable items around them made of same material.
FETCH gan George Hampton WaleMore Details

FETCH gan George Hampton Wale

Miss b gan Gaia CicolaniMore Details

Miss b gan Gaia Cicolani

A half woman/half werewolf is looking down at us from above, hanging from the air by a black rope in the middle of a green wood or forest.
Howl gan Claire Crook (Madam Mango)More Details

Howl gan Claire Crook (Madam Mango)

A shark fin can be seen just above the surface of the water, is chasing a giant swan in the ocean. The sky is blue with lots of white fluffy clouds. A man in a red  jacket and black trousers is hanging off the back of the Swan dangerously close to falling in and a woman with bright yellow hair and a black and white spotted dress is reaching for his foot in an attempt to save him.
Alarch mewn Cariad gan Gary & Pel Live Action CartoonMore Details

Alarch mewn Cariad gan Gary & Pel Live Action Cartoon

Two blond white women dressed in bright orange burst through a hole in space in front of a green mountain, a slither of blue sky overhead.
Bylchau gan Karina JonesMore Details

Bylchau gan Karina Jones

f.a.b. The Detonators – ‘Afanc’More Details

f.a.b. The Detonators – ‘Afanc’

Splatch Arts gyda Leyton John – ‘Bring Me Sunshine’More Details

Splatch Arts gyda Leyton John – ‘Bring Me Sunshine’

Osian Meilir – ‘Qwerin’More Details

Osian Meilir – ‘Qwerin’

Just more – ‘Do what yah Mama told yah!’More Details

Just more – ‘Do what yah Mama told yah!’

Krystal Lowe – ‘Whimsy’More Details

Krystal Lowe – ‘Whimsy’

Hijinx Theatre – ‘Rock Cliche’More Details

Hijinx Theatre – ‘Rock Cliche’

Joon Dance – ‘Talking to Horses’More Details

Joon Dance – ‘Talking to Horses’

Ruby Gibbens – ‘Hela’r Twrch Trwyth’More Details

Ruby Gibbens – ‘Hela’r Twrch Trwyth’

Kitsch & Sync – ‘Rhamant ar y Palmant’More Details

Kitsch & Sync – ‘Rhamant ar y Palmant’

Kapow – ‘Tyfu’More Details

Kapow – ‘Tyfu’

The Wheelabouts – ‘Boudicca’More Details

The Wheelabouts – ‘Boudicca’

Mr & Mrs Clark – ‘Ymgyrchu’More Details

Mr & Mrs Clark – ‘Ymgyrchu’

Gary & Pel – ‘Priodas Crashio Car’More Details

Gary & Pel – ‘Priodas Crashio Car’

Dawns Chloe Loftus – ‘Act of Strangers’More Details

Dawns Chloe Loftus – ‘Act of Strangers’

Cwmni Theatr Dripping Tap – ‘Webster & Jones: Canllaw mawr i Gymru fach’More Details

Cwmni Theatr Dripping Tap – ‘Webster & Jones: Canllaw mawr i Gymru fach’

Run Ragged – ‘Baa’More Details

Run Ragged – ‘Baa’

Kitsch and Sync – ‘Babs & Stella’s Intergalatic Spectacular’More Details

Kitsch and Sync – ‘Babs & Stella’s Intergalatic Spectacular’

Gwilym Morus – ‘Beic’More Details

Gwilym Morus – ‘Beic’

Hugo Oliveira – ‘Kaboom’More Details

Hugo Oliveira – ‘Kaboom’

Citrus Arts – ‘Ceirw (Deer)’More Details

Citrus Arts – ‘Ceirw (Deer)’

Dawns Chloe Loftus – ‘Bouncing Back’More Details

Dawns Chloe Loftus – ‘Bouncing Back’

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