Book unique outdoor art work for your procession, festival, opening, or party. See below for Articulture work available.

Book works directly via the artist’s contacts on each page.

Just more – ‘Do what yah Mama told yah!

Krystal Lowe – ‘Whimsy’

Hijinx Theatre – ‘Rock Cliche’

Joon Dance – ‘Talking to Horses’

Ruby Gibbens – ‘The Hunt for the Twrch Trwyth’

Kitsch & Sync – ‘Rhamant ar y Palmant’

Kapow – ‘Grow’

The Wheelabouts – ‘Boudicca’

Mr & Mrs Clark – ‘Electioneering’

Gary & Pel – ‘The CarCrash Wedding’

Chloe Loftus Dance – ‘Act of Strangers’

Dripping Tap Theatre Company – ‘Webster & Jones: A pocket guide to Wales’

Run Ragged – ‘Baa’

Kitsch and Sync – ‘Babs & Stella’s Intergalatic Spectacular’

Gwilym Morus – ‘Beic’

Hugo Oliveira – ‘Kaboom’

Citrus Arts – ‘Ceirw (Deer)’

Chloe Loftus Dance – ‘Bouncing Back’