New Outdoor Arts commissions for 2018 announced

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Articulture, in collaboration with Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium (WOAC), are excited to announce two new commissioned pieces of work for presentation at seven tour dates across Wales in 2018.

Tour dates will be announced online and via the Articulture newsletter soon.

Grow‘ by Kapow

A physical dance theatre work by artists Eithne Kane and Beth Powlesland.

Grow‘ will be a lively, energetic look at the ideas of nurture, environment and the power of nature to rejuvenate, take over spaces and grow through the cracks. It is a playful and touching account of what we need in order to thrive and it champions our connection to the environment and the outdoors as a source of nourishment. It is an antidote to us all being increasingly absorbed by screens.

Boudicca‘ by Helen Clyro and Rob Hill (‘The Wheel-Abouts’)

A mobile make created around the artist’s mobility scooter. ‘Boudicca’s Chariot’, will be complete with mechanical puppet horses, props, costume, PA and performance.

Boudicca (or Boadicea) was head of the Celtic Iceni tribe during the Roman occupation of England. This version of the story will show our vengeful warrior, bent on seeking out and ‘punishing’ all Romans!

As Helen and Rob explain – “Using a wheelchair, has never stopped Helen’s work as a performer. In wanting to remain in the world of outdoor and street theatre, we have adapted the idea of the walkabout into what we are calling the ‘Wheel-about’”.

Part puppetry, part sculpture and part performance, ‘Boudicca’ will be an exciting and innovative platform with great scope for audience participation, comic improvisation and performance.

Photos ‘The Phoenix – Credit/ Helen Clyro & ‘Kapow’ – Credit/ Kapow

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