Outdoor Arts Gathering Wales 2022

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A programme of soul-warming sparks for the beginning of Spring.

In 2022 the programme is in two parts with something we hope for everyone –

* An invitation to explore and share new possibilities together with man hap – human happenings.

* A small gathering at The Lodge in the Cambrian mountains

All those interested in creating outdoor arts are welcome – from Producers, Town Centre managers, Artists those working in the natural environment, to Venues, Festivals, Ecologists, Local Authorities, and Funders.

Whatever your background or needs we would like you to feel at home taking part in these activities – we welcome conversations with you about what you need to take part. Just contact us – articulture-wales.co.uk/contact. Within Articulture itself we celebrate and support the diversity of our team including those that identify as Disabled and Queer. We aim for our activities to also be inclusive.

ManHap am dro – A creative invitation to explore and share

Jan/Feb 2022, across Wales

This January and February artist collective man hap – human happenings – invite you to plan a journey outdoors – a walk or a ride. A journey to a place that inspires you where you could freely imagine something creative taking place, together with a person and or persons of your choice.

You are then invited to share your experience with others at a special online event curated by ManHap on Fri 25th Feb 11am – 1pm, to co-create a new constellation of ideas and possibilities across Wales as we step forward into 2022.

Your journey starts with a postcard, sent to you by man hap in the post.

To find out more about man hap and taking your own journey visit here

Outdoor Arts Wales Gathering

Thurs 3rd March & Fri 4th March 2022, The Lodge, Staylittle

Join others interested in the creation of live outdoor arts in Wales and internationally, for a small two-day gathering at The Lodge in the Cambrian mountains.  

This gathering will start to give space for some new flames to light up the creative landscape of Wales and beyond as we enter 2022.

Day 1 – Thurs 3rd March – 9.30am – 5pm – Outdoor Arts Wales focus

A day of sharing plans and aspirations, cooking and dancing with special guests including Fio, Ffiwsar, AndNow, man hap – human happenings, Osian Meilir, June Campbell Davies and Lisa Heledd Jones, with optional dinner and evening activity.

This is the place to share projects, ideas and opportunities and to start to reconnect, stretching our minds, bodies and getting tooled up for working together in 2022.

Day 2 – Fri 4th March – 9.30am – 6pm – DIVE – A Circostrada event in collaboration with Articulture and Wales Arts International

Gaining new knowledge and a change of perception around the topic of creativity and ecological-aware practices, through a series of talks, walks, and workshops.

*Download programme here*

*Booking details here*

Cannot make these activities? We will be sharing ideas, projects and opportunities online on our Facebook page as they happen, and will be inviting others to share too. Stay tuned for details – facebook.com/ArticultureWales

We will also be running more opportunities to connect and get inspired throughout 2022.

You can find out about these by joining our mailing list via our homepage articulture-wales.co.uk

Image – Nic Finch @chameleonic

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