Articulture and the Wales Outdoor Arts Consortium commissions three new outdoor arts performances

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Following a call out for Wales based artists earlier this year, Articulture and the Wales Outdoor Arts Consortium (WOAC) have commissioned three new outdoor performances. The successful commissions will tour to WOAC member venues and festivals throughout Wales from May to September 2024.

“After an inspiring application process talking to artists across Wales, we are excited about this year’s commissions, chosen with our consortium partners. We can promise something entertaining for everyone from dancing air hosts, complete with their own planes, a cabaret circus performance aboard a cruise ship and an alternative clownish cultural tour of Wales!”
Julie Ann Heskin, Project Manager, Articulture.

Bombastic presents BOMBA airways who will fly into town in synchronised formation. Look out for these airline stewards, you won’t really miss them to be honest, dressed as jumbo jets and leaving a pumping soundtrack and colourful smoke entrails wherever they go! These are true professionals ready to deal with unexpected turbulence and all of life’s disasters with a perfect smile.

From the sky to the seas, Madam Mango’s HMS Stormys is a fun, action-packed circus cabaret which explores the climate crisis through the eyes of three outlandish former entertainers on the HMS Stormys. It’s the year 2827 and the climate crisis has come and gone, the only way humans have survived is by living on rusty cruise ships many fathoms below sea level. They are desperate to entertain you with their high-level tricks as no one has been paying them any attention for years, so, roll up, roll up!

Firmly on land at last, following the success of Mr. Websters Guidebook to Wales, Dripping Tap presents Webster & Jones. The boisterous mountaineer and Welsh enthusiast, Mr Webster, and his bumbling local guide; sheep farmer Mr Jones, invite you on a thrilling, bilingual guided tour of the local cultural highlights. With plenty of historical ‘facts’. Webster speaks only English and Jones only Welsh, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Right? Expect some acrobatics along the way in this joyous and ludicrous celebration of language, imagination and place.

Articulture supports the development of innovative, high quality outdoor arts and diverse engaged audiences right across Wales. The WOAC commissions 2024 are funded by the participating tour partners and by Articulture, through its project funding from the Arts Council of Wales’ ‘Create’ fund.

Photo: Webster & Jones by Dripping Tap

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