XTRAX spotlight on Wales + new Welsh section to Xtrax outdoor arts directory

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Until July, outdoor arts producers XTRAX are collaborating with Articulture to spotlight the finest contemporary outdoor arts unique to Wales on the XTRAX Directory – a free International Directory of Outdoor Arts and Circus, with over 1000 artists listed.

The Directory is the most visited part of XTRAX’s website and is used by bookers across the world to find shows for their programme.

Head on over to the XTRAX Directory and find which Welsh artists they are featuring and read their profile to find out technical information and to see videos and pictures; you’ll also find the contact details of each and every artist, so if you are a booker, feel free to contact them directly to find out about availability and cost.

Join the XTRAX Directory

Recently Xtrax have been making some improvements to this essential resource, making it even easier for promoters to search for artists and shows for their programme.

This includes adding a specific search facility for all artists based in Wales, as well as other countries.

Improvements include:

* Streamlined search functionality; you are now able to be more region-specific with your searches
* Updated compatibility with video streaming sites
* And much, much more

Did you know?

When you create or update your profile, you are automatically spotlighted on the front page of the directory. So don’t forget to do this regularly!

(Pictured – Kitsch & Sync ‘Hello Buoys’. Credit Kitsch & Sync)

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