WOAC welcomes new members

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Tafwyl sign on Cardiff Castle

We are excited to announce three new partners to the Wales Outdoor Arts Consortium (WOAC). 
WOAC – the Wales Outdoor Arts Consortium – was set up in 2014 and since 2015 has supported the creation and touring of 16 fabulous, new, diverse, Wales based, outdoor art works. 

Articulture facilitates the project, working in close collaboration with the partners – a fabulous range of festivals and venues spread across Wales.  The consortium’s aims include support & encouraging Wales based artists who want to explore working in outdoor arts.   

Articulture is a small organisation with a big dream – we want everyone in Wales to have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality outdoor arts! We can’t achieve this on our own so we really value the partnerships with all the WOAC consortium members.” 

“The diversity of the organisations we work with not only helps us reach wider audiences, but also gives the outdoor artists we commission a broader working experience. It’s really fabulous to have these three new, very different member organisations join us”  
Annie Grundy, Articulture Wales 
We are excited to welcome Blackwood Miners’ Institute as a new Consortium Partner and The Tafwyl Festival and SPAN Arts as new Strategic Partners for 2023. 

“Blackwood Miners’ Institute is excited to join the Wales Outdoor Arts Consortium led by Articulture. In recent years, we have been expanding our programme to deliver outdoor work across Caerphilly County and connect with audiences where they live. Being part of a network who have a wealth of experience will be invaluable to us and support our learning in this area.”  
Eloise Tong, Theatre and Arts Service Manager. 
The Tafwyl Festival is an annual Welsh-language open air festival which takes place over two days in Cardiff Castle. 
“Menter Caerdydd and Tafwyl are excited to join the Wales Outdoor Arts Consortium as Strategic Partners for 2023. As Tafwyl moves to a new location in Bute Park, we are working to expand the programme to include more outdoor performances beyond the traditional stages of the festival. Tafwyl promotes the use of the Welsh language in Cardiff and beyond, and we strive to support and give a stage to emerging and established artists who are passionate about creating and performing through the medium of Welsh. We look forward to collaborating with Articulture in the run up to Tafwyl 2023, taking place on the 15th and 16th of July.” 
Caryl McQuilling, Tafwyl Chief Officer 

SPAN Arts is a vibrant community arts charity that co-creates work with communities across west Wales.  

“SPAN focuses on redefining our relationships with the outdoors, community spaces, and digital spaces as creative places.  We are interested in breaking down the barriers around traditional arts infrastructure. We are excited to join the consortium to bring new outdoor work to our rural audiences”. 
Bethan Touhig Gamble, Director, SPAN Arts 

Interested in becoming a Partner? If your organisation might be interested in encouraging and supporting new outdoor work in Wales and wants to find out more about the consortiums aims – get in touch by phoning Julie Ann on 07890681212 or email julieann@articulture-wales.co.uk

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