New collaborations to help home grow outdoor arts in Wales

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This spring Articulture is starting a collaboration with three Wales based artists and arts organisations to help home grow outdoor arts in Wales. They are –

Cimera – A contemporary circus and arts company based in North Wales. Founded in 2013 by professional and community artists and performers, they are dedicated to creating and developing vibrant participatory arts.

Taking Flight Theatre – A multi award-winning company based in Cardiff who produce accessible and inclusive work based in Cardiff. Their aim is to work with groups of people who have traditionally been under-represented in theatre, film and television.

Mair Tomos Ifans and Nuala Dunn – A Mid Wales based duo that was formed through the Ar Waith Ar Daith outdoor arts training in Castell y Bere in 2015. United by their interest in the combined possibilities of performance, story telling and canoeing the rivers of Wales, Mair is a performer and Nuala a visual artist and outdoor activities instructor.

Articulture, with the support of advisor Gilly Adams, as well as the Independent Street Arts Network, has collaborated with each to design a six month bespoke professional development plan.

From their applications to the Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning program, they were invited by Articulture to be partners in a pilot project seeking to explore support for artists through strategic development.

Activities include working with other professional artists and facilitators across the UK to develop new work, company plans or a new specific skill, and visiting international events.

The aim of the work is to –

  • Contribute towards confidence in professional outdoor arts practice
  • Contribute towards confidence in advocating for outdoor arts in Wales
  • Improve their support network to deliver work in Wales and the UK
  • Contribute towards the quality of future work produced and the ability to self-assess / critique
  • Contribute towards a clear vision for their work moving forward

Each will be reporting back in blog form at the end of the programmes to share their experience with the wider outdoor arts community.

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