Guest artist blog – Developing outdoor arts show ‘Madam Balwn’

By 20th December 2015Uncategorised

Watch brilliant new film by Emily Richardson Laurens and collaborators, charting the development of a new piece of work destined for the outdoors – ‘Madam Balwn’.

The piece will explore death, loss, grief; and our human reactions – anger, denial and release. It will be familiar and unsettling, hilarious but disturbing. The stories will be dark, the clowns dangerously close to breaking point.

It will use improvisation and audience participation ambitiously, encouraging and facilitating the audience in their own letting go. The audience will go on a journey, from the well worn trope of the street theatre clown to a captivating, challenging and cathartic experience.

You can find out more about Emily’s work by visiting and

Made with the support of an Articulture development bursary.

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