Articulture mid Wales tour partner for BLOCK

By 1st February 2016Uncategorised

NoFit State Circus and Motionhouse will be touring a new collaborative piece of work and Articulture is excited to be working with them in partnership to bring the piece to three stunning outdoor locations in Mid Wales this summer! Directed by Kevin Finnan with circus direction by Paul Evans, the starting point for the piece is a structure inspired by the game of Jenga.

Twenty oversized blocks are deconstructed and reformed into an infinite variety of shapes for the performers to play on, move with and explore. BLOCK is about life in the city; its contradictions and challenges. What happens when dance and circus collide? When they converge, rub against each other, blend into one another.

The rural settings for the piece in mid Wales will bring further contrasts and contradictions.

Details on Mid Wales tour locations out soon. 

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