Wales Outdoor Arts Consortium – Commissions for 2017 announced

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Articulture, in collaboration with Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium (WOAC), are excited to announce two new commissioned pieces of work for presentation at eight tour dates across Wales in 2017, below.

Tour dates to be announced online and via the Articulture newsletter soon.

‘The CarCrash Wedding’ – Gary & Pel (Alex Marshall Parsons & Kim Noble)

Gary & Pel have just said “I do” and are driving off into the sunset… It’s the happiest day of their lives until their celebration takes a turn for the worse as their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. What will the bizarre newlyweds do next? Expect wedding bells, chaos and laughter.

A 10 minute live action cartoon escapade for all ages to enjoy, featuring slapstick humor and dynamic dance.

‘Electioneering’ – Mr and Mrs Clark

After a year of incredible election results, streams of political rhetoric, and fanatical posturing Mr and Mrs Clark explore the body postures, facial expressions and hand gestures of those promising to hand back control and make their countries great, again.

‘Electioneering’ is the plight of two politically ambitious characters applying the fictitious self-help CD A Dummy’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Politician in an hilarious attempt to improve their standing with the public. How will you vote?

‘Gary and Pel’ – Credit/Alex Marshall Parsons & ‘Electioneering’ Credit/Mr & Mrs Clark

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